Episode 11 - Lori Lindsey (A Street vs. Rose Panna Cotta Milkshake)

May 4, 2017

First Pour: Trillium Double Dry Hopped A Street [3:30]

Introducing Lori Lindsey [5:42]

How would Lori change the way fitness is preceived by the general female population? [7:58]

Where should female athletes go to find quality fitness information? [21:30]

Second Pour: Tired Hands Rose Panna Cotta Milkshake [28:27]

Beer Fact: What is a milkshake IPA? [29:50]

How do you talk to female athletes about positive body image? [33:50]

What Lori learned from soccer that applies to business [48:28]

This week's beer rankings [1:03:55]

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