Episode 12 - Training High School Athletes (Master Shredder 3 vs. Alter Ego)

May 12, 2017

First Pour: The Veil Master Shredder 3 [4:16]

Beer Fact: What constitutes a wheat ale? [7:12]

How do you fit loaded carries into an athlete's program? [11:51]

How do volume and intensity change from off-season to in-season? [18:47]

What if an athlete is ALWAYS in-season? [23:17]

What to do if there are "too many cooks in the kitchen" [29:29]

Do you have lifting standards for high school athletes? [38:55]

Second Pour: Tree House Alter Ego [40:18]

Do you favor jumps/throws or Olympic lifting variations? [54:55]

What's the most difficult part of coaching high school athletes? [1:03:59]



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