Episode 4- The Strength House Podcast ft. Josh Bryant

March 2, 2017


First Pour: Night Shift Awake [2:08]

The Beer Expert: What’s the difference between stouts and porters? [3:35]

Introducing Josh Bryant [5:35]

What it means to be “Jailhouse Strong” [6:58]

Josh’s famous one-liners [16:10]

Experience vs. Science [20:52]

What powerlifters and bodybuilders can learn from each other [25:00]

Second Pour: Bissell Brothers Umbra [35:19]

How to dominate your goals [40:15]

What’s the gutsiest lift Josh has ever seen? [46:44]

Who was Josh’s first mentor? [53:00]

What’s the best way to go from benching 225 to 315? [54:54]

Josh’s number one tip to get stronger [1:00:41]

This week's Beer Rankings [1:05:30]

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