Episode 8 - King Sue vs. Julius

April 6, 2017

First Pour: Toppling Goliath King Sue [4:55]

How Greg and Tony got involved in beer trading [7:20]

Beer Expert: How long should you let your beer age? [16:15]

How to ship beer [27:45]

Greg's imaginary BBQ sauce company [30:28]

What makes us include or not include an exercise in a program? [39:28]

Favorite assistance exercise for each of the Big 3 [42:00]

How close should your hands be for close grip bench? [47:55]

Second Pour: Tree House Julius [55:22]

The only time Greg has ever run for beer [57:30]

What are some exercises people don't load heavy enough? [1:05:04]

This week's beer rankings [1:13:15]

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