The Strength House Podcast

Episode 61 - John Kiely

June 20, 2020

On this episode of The Strength House Podcast, we have special guest John Kiely. A senior lecturer at the University of Lancashire, John is one of the world's foremost experts in motor learning and coordination. His extensive work with rugby and combat athletes, as well as his research on periodization and planning of training, gives him a unique perspective on how to balance the art and science of coaching.

We chat with John about:

  • The definition of coordination and what it means for coaches
  • How to identify weaknesses in an athlete and adjust their training
  • How to intelligently develop an athlete's physical and mental toughness
  • The importance of getting athletes to believe in their training
  • And much more

Show Notes

John's Twitter: @simplysportssci

Understanding Stress and Adaptation (via HMMR Media)

How Do You Feel? An Interoceptive Moment with Your Neurobiological Self by Bud Craig

Periodization Theory: Confronting an Inconvenient Truth

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