Episode 22 - Jenn Rotsinger (Tilted Barn The Other One & Long Live Wesside)

August 3, 2017

This week's episode of The Strength House podcast features special guest Jenn Rotsinger, a multiple world record holding powerlifter and one of the strongest pound-for-pound lifters on the planet. She sat down to chat with us about:

  • How her training philosophy has changed as she transitioned from a geared lifter to raw
  • How to cut weight for a meet without losing strength
  • The importance of being patient and process oriented for long term lifting success

This week's beers: Tilted Barn Brewery "The Other One" (Exeter, RI) and Long Live Beer Works Wesside (Providence, RI)

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Powerlifting workshop with Trevor Jaffe in Clearwater, FL on September 9

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