The Strength House Podcast Episode 2 - Green vs. The Substance

February 17, 2017

First Pour: Tree House Green [2:50]

Best Adam Sandler movie of all time? [6:19]

Bench Press Technique Mistakes [10:30]

Deadlift Technique Mistakes [17:02]

Squat Technique Mistakes [25:35]

Second Pour: Bissell Brothers The Substance [35:03]

Common Programming Mistakes [40:40]

Future Guest: Alex Viada (

Future Guest: Josh Bryant (

How much cardio do you suggest for a strength program? [56:29]

What would you go back and tell your 18-year-old self? [1:02:25]

The Strength House Training Journals [1:13:20]

This week's beer rankings [1:14:56]


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