Episode 14 - Jim Laird (Platinum Plus vs. Konkey Dong)

June 2, 2017

First Pour: LIC Beer Project Platinum Plus [3:35]

Introducing Jim Laird [6:20]

Can you train for health AND performance? [13:00]

What are the most effective tools for recovery? [15:30]

What are some constants in a good training program for all populations? [21:18]

Second Pour: Hoof Hearted Konkey Dong [42:45]

How Jim started his women's powerlifting team [45:50]

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Episode 13 - Adam Pine (I Want My IPA vs Mikerphone Check 1,2)

May 26, 2017

First Pour: Mikerphone I Want My IPA [2:45]

Introducing Adam Pine [3:44]

How to get mentally prepared to attempt a PR [6:45]

Strategies for choosing attempts at your first meet [11:12]

Bouncing back from missed attempts [16:00]

More thoughts on picking attempts [25:25]

Second Pour: Mikerphone Check 1,2 [26:49]

Beer Fact: What makes a beer hazy? [29:05]

Training the deadlift with singles or multiple reps? [35:59]

Taking the slack out of the bar vs. exploding off the floor [40:07]

Assistance exercises to build the deadlift [54:00]

Using conventional and sumo deadlifts to build each other [55:42]

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Episode 12 - Training High School Athletes (Master Shredder 3 vs. Alter Ego)

May 12, 2017

First Pour: The Veil Master Shredder 3 [4:16]

Beer Fact: What constitutes a wheat ale? [7:12]

How do you fit loaded carries into an athlete's program? [11:51]

How do volume and intensity change from off-season to in-season? [18:47]

What if an athlete is ALWAYS in-season? [23:17]

What to do if there are "too many cooks in the kitchen" [29:29]

Do you have lifting standards for high school athletes? [38:55]

Second Pour: Tree House Alter Ego [40:18]

Do you favor jumps/throws or Olympic lifting variations? [54:55]

What's the most difficult part of coaching high school athletes? [1:03:59]



Episode 11 - Lori Lindsey (A Street vs. Rose Panna Cotta Milkshake)

May 4, 2017

First Pour: Trillium Double Dry Hopped A Street [3:30]

Introducing Lori Lindsey [5:42]

How would Lori change the way fitness is preceived by the general female population? [7:58]

Where should female athletes go to find quality fitness information? [21:30]

Second Pour: Tired Hands Rose Panna Cotta Milkshake [28:27]

Beer Fact: What is a milkshake IPA? [29:50]

How do you talk to female athletes about positive body image? [33:50]

What Lori learned from soccer that applies to business [48:28]

This week's beer rankings [1:03:55]

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Episode 10 - Online Training (South of Eleven vs. Curiosity 34)

April 28, 2017

First Pour: Hoof Hearted South of Eleven [2:11]

Beer Fact: What are IBUs? [5:52]

How did the online component of The Strength House get started? [8:02]

How should a coach get started with online coaching? [10:15]

Using testimonials to generate more leads [20:28]

Why specialization will get your more clients [27:30]

Should you individualize every program? [34:20]

Second Pour: Tree House Curiosity 34 [37:49]

How often should you update an online client's program? [45:10]

Setting client expectations and boundaries [1:00:30]

Greg and Tony summarize how to get started with online coaching [1:08:40]

This week's beer rankings [1:13:43]


Episode 9 - Todd Bumgardner (Jai Alai vs. In Perpetuity)

April 20, 2017

First Pour: Cigar City Jai Alai [2:17]

Introducing Todd Bumgardner [6:18]

The Beer Expert: Proper Glassware [9:30]

How do you develop the ideal culture in your gym or organization? [12:37]

Killing tigers in the weeds [16:24]

How Todd decides what training methods to use and what to discard [27:14]

Second Pour: Tree House In Perpetuity [38:17]

How Todd helps people turn general goals into specific goals [43:25]

How to train hard with a crazy schedule [50:46]

How fly fishing has made Todd a better coach [1:05:52]

This week's Beer Rankings [1:12:22]

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Episode 8 - King Sue vs. Julius

April 6, 2017

First Pour: Toppling Goliath King Sue [4:55]

How Greg and Tony got involved in beer trading [7:20]

Beer Expert: How long should you let your beer age? [16:15]

How to ship beer [27:45]

Greg's imaginary BBQ sauce company [30:28]

What makes us include or not include an exercise in a program? [39:28]

Favorite assistance exercise for each of the Big 3 [42:00]

How close should your hands be for close grip bench? [47:55]

Second Pour: Tree House Julius [55:22]

The only time Greg has ever run for beer [57:30]

What are some exercises people don't load heavy enough? [1:05:04]

This week's beer rankings [1:13:15]

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Episode 7 - Greg Nuckols (Trillium The Streets vs. Night Shift Fluffy)

March 30, 2017

First Pour: Trillium The Streets [2:02]

Beer Fact: How yeast impacts flavor [6:28]

Beer Fact: A quick history of beer [10:28]

Why Greg gets excited about research [13:13]

What the layperson should look for in a good study [20:09]

Examples of how Greg changed his training approach based on research [25:34]

Second Pour: Night Shift Fluffy [37:16]

How Greg uses process goals and the calendar method with his clients [45:54]

Tricks to fix common squat issues [53:42]

This week's beer rankings [1:16:48]

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Episode 6 - The Strength House Podcast: Haze vs. Heady Topper

March 17, 2017


First Pour: Tree House Haze [2:34]

Best Will Farrell / Vince Vaughn movie? [5:11]

What's one thing you've learned about lifting from a different hobby/activity? [9:20]

How to deal with the aches and pains of powerlifting [24:33]

Squat aches and pains [27:14]

Bench Press aches and pains [38:41]

Second Pour: The Alchemist Heady Topper [42:02]

The Beer Expert: The History of Heady Topper [46:05]

Deadlift aches and pains [55:13]

This week's Beer Rankings [1:04:22]

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Episode 5 - The Strength House Podcast ft. Alex Viada

March 9, 2017


Introducing Alex Viada [2:35]

First Pour: Bissell Brothers Swish [4:50]

The Beer Expert: What is dry hopping? [8:36]

How Alex got involved in strength and endurance training [11:20]

Alex's training philosophy and how it's evolved [22:30]

How Alex re-tooled his squat [27:03]

Second Pour: Tree House Doppelgänger [34:03]

Why having a dog makes you a better person [37:36]

Fatigue management before a competition [44:35]

The number one cardio mistake strength athletes make [1:00:48]

This week's Beer Rankings [1:07:30]

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